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Feb 1, 2013 4:30am PST
bowl it is a super bowl first. the baltimore ravens, led by john harbaugh. on the other, san francisco 49ers, led by head coach, jim harbaugh. >> the team we will play is a great football team. they are extremely well coached. >> it doesn't matter who the coach is or what relationship you have with someone on the open side you are trying to beat them. >> john is good-natured and confident. jim, emotional and intense. they are 15 months apart, growing up they were close but competitive, their love of football ingrained at a young age. their fore coached football for 40 years at college and high school. they grew up on the sidelines, both played in college and john went right into coaching and jim played 14 seasons in the nfl before doing the same. in 2011 the two face off in a thanksgiving showdown. john's ravens got the win. but neither coaches won a super bowl. the harbaugh parents say football talk has been off limits this week, no prediction, no x's and o's much the parents are relishing the lead up to the game. this is a fantastic expense and, really, no one has it better
Jan 30, 2013 4:30am PST
the new batteries. >> john kerry is sworn in today as the next secretary of state. the senate confirmed him to the post yesterday. on friday he replaced hillary clinton who is stepping down after four years. this is the first time since colin powell served under president george w. bush that a man will be sworn in as secretary of state. >> the war against mosquitoes is on this morning as the north bay. the health concern that will have workers spraying the air today. san francisco's battle against public nudity get as major boost fromñ!ñcús >> welcome back on this wednesday morning. san francisco mayor lee says a compromise agreement is imminent for california pacific medical center to rebuild st. luke's hospital and construct a new hospital at the site of the former cathedral hill hotel. the $2.5 billion project includes demolishing the old hotel to make way for 550-bed hospital. a delay has been over traffic issues. any deal would include a scaled down cathedral hill hospital and increased investment in st. luke's in the mission district. the announcement is expected befo
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2